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  • While Your Competition was Trying to Fool some People Sometime .

    We went Ahead and Fueled all the People All the Time .

    Touche !

    If all are Fooled no one needs to be Wise .
    IF all are Wise No one needs to be Fooled

    We Tweet so your E Business Rests .

    Let IT rest smile emoticon Ask For a Quote Today .
    (a quick guide)Engagement is the emotional connection employees
    have to their organization. Highly engaged employees
    believe in what they’re doing, feel a sense of ownership
    and will deliver more than what’s required in their roles;
    disengaged employees might not even come in on
    So if you want your people to a) show up and b) give
    110%, here a few things to keep in mind. Companies with higher employee engagement
    experience reduced absenteeism and turnover, fewer
    safety incidents and increased productivity and
    profitability. Engaged employees are better brand
    ambassadors, creating more positive customer
    experiences and therefore happier customers. Basically,
    an engaged workforce is a good thing.
    mattersEngagement is boosted by positive working relationships,
    learning, development and progression opportunities,
    feeling valued (as people,
    not just as labor units)
    and being empowered.
    You can’t rely on increased
    compensation or office
    perks; they’re unlikely to
    make a difference to most
    More than money (or massages)Growing companies
    have an advantage
    Smaller companies tend to have
    higher engagement as teams are
    small, tight-knit and focused on the
    common goal. There’s nowhere for underperformers or
    poisonous personalities to hide, and it’s easy to recognize
    achievements. Of course, clearly communicating
    direction and hiring the right people are critical for
    reinforcing this culture!
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